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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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the whole of those sent from Philadelphia

and procured in this Town Weighed about
4700, for which the Boatman was to have
20/ Per £ for taking them up to Cornplanter’s
, which we afterwards understood
from him was 270 miles by Water. He
agreed to set of with them in two or three
days, & let us know it would take him 18 days
to go up the River to the Settlement.

We expect to set off in the Morning, but
have first to wait on General Wilkinson

on a particular occation before we Start.
This Town consists of a number of Streets, cross-
-ing each other at right angles, and contains
more than 200 Houses, many of whom which are
large Brick and Stone Buildings, —I have
observed since I came to this place, that Stone
Coal is the common fuel for Firing, our
landlord informed us it was the Cheapest,
though the neighborhood abounds with Wood,
it comes to the fire in large, hard pieces,
looks black and shining, and makes a
strong hot fire. I have frequently saw seen for 10 miles back at the sides
of Creeks &c where the Edges of the Rocks were
washed bare, stratums of Coal mixed with