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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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too high, so that the prospect of things
looks a little more lightsome.


Had an interview with General Wilken-

this Morning, he recieved us very
respectfully, appeared well satisfied with
the business we were going on, and cheer-
-fully disposed to Assist us in our undertak-
-ing, he gave us the Deputy Quarter Master,
who bore us company, direction in our
hearing to forward our goods to Cornplan-
-ter’s Settlement
, he kindly invited us to
come and take Dinner with him, which
kindness we acknowledged, but excused
ourselves on account of our Business.

All hands were now employed in procuring
the necessary articles to be sent into the Indian
Country, Isaac Crage

the Deputy Quarter
Master, was very assistant, he provided
a Boat, Sent a Wagon to take our goods
from the Public Store, which was in the
Fort, and went with us there; he also sent
the Wagon to convey those we had pro-
-cured in different parts of the Town; we
got all our goods to the Warf Wharf,
Weighed, and put on board before evening,