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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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Attended Redstone Meeting

, dined at
Reese Cadwaladers, where we have made
our home since our arrival here, it is a good
place for man and beast, Our horses have
had very good Pasture, and been well
fed with Grain, so that they recruited.
Set of this afternoon for Pittsburgh, crossed
the Monongalela at Bridgetownport, went
down the west side of it said River to Alexander Boggs
on Pigeon Creek where we lodged 11 m
having a few miles back crossed Trout Run


Set of early this Morning, Stopped at Par-

, fed our horses and got our Break-
-fast, a number of curious falls pre-
-sented on small streams in this last stage,
at a Certain depth much of this Country
appears to be covered with broad Rocks
lying Horizontally, which about the
streams is washed bare, over the edges
of these Rocks the Water often falls, from
2 to 12, or 15 feet, in many places the Rock
is hollow, so that there are large Cavities
under where the water falls, quite dry.
from hence to Pittsburgh 16 miles, from