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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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House,— then set of for Isaac Everet

in 2 or 3 miles after we left the Town
we got out of the Limestone Valley, and
passed through a Country diversified
with gentle Assents, and descents, pretty
clear of stones, the Land in places
thin, though well watered by the Branches
of the Canowagoe, the main stream of
which was nearly as large as Brandy-
-wine, the Winter grain much affected
with the fly, this has been a pleasant af-
-ternoon to ride, the Wind at Northwest
and pretty Cool, Stopped at John Garison’s
17 miles where we fed our horses and got
some refreshment, then some of us went
to Isaac Everett’s 3 miles, where we lodged,
leaving the others at John Garrisons. 32 miles.


Set of early this Morning, and in about
three Miles came to a large hill several miles over called the first, mountain which was
4 or more Miles across, we then entred
a body of Limestone Land, having Crossed
the Yellow Breeches a large stream called Yellow Breeches, the