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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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and are pretty hopefull, some of whom
have sent acknowledgments by us to the
Meeting that disowned them, they have a
number of tender Inocent Children, the
whole number of both Parents and Child-
-ren are thirty eight many of them if
they keep their places will add strength
to the little handful of friends in that place,
we found at the Short Hills

and in that
neighbourhood five families of Friends
who live at present pretty wide per-
haps 12 or more miles tho some of them have it in prospect to move nearer together for the Benefit of society, making in the whole
twenty seven persons, and eight fami-
-lies of such who have mostly been dis-
-owned, several of whom are desirous
to Condemn their outgoings, and have
sent acknowledgments along with us,
and I hope will make useful members.
The Parents and Children of this Class
make 53 persons and who live pretty
compact, the way the road now goes
makes it near 40 miles from the short
to the settlements of friends at
Black Creek, but there is reason