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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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great River, and has in that distance
ten feet Head and Fall, it is truly an
awful sight to View the River from the
Mill door, now Leaving this Wonderfull
Phinonamy Phinonima, we had a cold
ride up the River, and got to Asa School
where we Lodged 21 miles—

we have now Visited all the families,
or nearly so, of friends or such as once
had a right, had four Meetings amongst
them, feel easy to set our Faces homeward
but how we shall get along must be left
as it has been tret threttening all day
for snow, and this evening it is fall-
-ing very fast

we found residing at Black Creek pretty
compact, tho two families were about 4 or 5
miles from the rest, 7 families, who were in
Membership with friends, and appeared
pretty orderly, with a number of hopeful
Children divers nearly or fully grown up
making the Whole 33 persons, and
five families who profess with friends