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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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to expect that before long there will
be a road opened between these places
not which will containing be more than 14 or 15

7th of the week 11th

a rainy Morning not
more Snow fell last night than about
two inches deep, wrote a number of
Letters to some friends in this neighbour-
-hood, and feeling our minds easy to
return, we made preparations to pass
homewards, the had not the season been
so far advanced we would have been
easy to have stayed a few days longer,
about 11 OClock we left our tender friends
at Black Creek with Hearts full of
Gratitude that we had been amongst
them, and some of them bore us Compa-
-ny as far as the River, where we ar-
-rived about ½ after two OClock, havin[g]
rode about 8 miles down the Beech
on lake Erie, we were ise in num-
-ber, and the Wind blowing high and