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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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rightly performed, be of a good
Savour in the neighborhood

2nd of the week the 6, checkPlace

a frosty Morning and Snow
-ed the latter part of the day, set of to see
friends at the Short Hills

, stoped and sat
at John Darlin’s 6 miles, his Wife was
disowned by the falls Monthly meeting
and her Husband never had a right,
they were kind, but not much professed
of their ading strength to friends, >they have 6 Children
then sat at Joshua Gillam’s 5 miles he was
Disowned by Middletowon Monthly meet
for marrying, his Wife a Member of Sadsbury Monthly Meeting
they have three small Children, Joshua
is thoughtful about his situation and
desirous to be united to friends which
we encouraged, we also here met with
Thomas Gillam he was disowned by
Middletown Monthly Meeting, his wife
never had a right