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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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then sat at Thomas Rice

’s, he was
brought up among friends but has
no right, his Wife was disowned by
Buckingham Monthly Meeting, they are
examplary, and I hope thoughtfull, and
have eight Children mostly small
thence to John Taylors, ½ a mile he was dis-
owned by the Falls Monthly Meeting
his Wife and two hopefull Children
are members of Sadsbury Monthly
, she appears to be a Motherly
concerned friend—
the face of the Country from John Hills
mostly flat and miry till within one
mile of John Darlins, then commences
the Short Hills which produces remark-
-ably steep pitches we then pased over
2 or more Miles of the most beautiful
Chesnut Timber I remember to have
ever seen, the Woods had been lately
burned to clear the leaves out of the way
of gathering the Chesnuts, they we saw them lay ing very