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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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kindly for 3 miles a White Oak Timber the most
beautiful, both for Quantity and Quality
that I have seen since I left home.

1st day the 5th checkPlace

a wet stormy Morning and
increased with the day, snowed in the
afternoon, attended an appointed meeting at John Hills
with the few friends in this Neighbourhood
it was a solid instructive Opportunity,
Heavenly goodness was near, and the
meeting closed, to general Satisfaction, we
had a tendering time in the afternoon
in Conference with them concerning
their situation in which I hope they gained
some strength, they have not as yet
been in the practice of hold any mee[t]
-ings for Worship, they being but few
in number and very scattered but
we felt our minds Strengthened t[o?]
encouraged them to press throu†[gh]
difficulties and meet together to
wait upon and Worship the Lor[d]
Almighty, believing it would add
to their strength and would if