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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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the have nine Children, Several Vierging
on towards young women who have the
Stamp of Innocency on their Countenan-
-ces, were very much tendred, and parted
with near affection, ---- Our horses
being tired, and the Roads in these parts
flat and Swampy, we went on foot yes-
-terday and today, traveled about 20
Miles, and Lodged at Asa Schuylies, who
bore us company to the families we
have visited, lodged at Asa Schoolys

5th day 2nd of the mo checkPlace

Attended a Meeting that
we appointed to be held at Asa Schoolys
the friends & friendly People generally attend
-ing, it was pretty Large, it was an Open
time, and Gospel truths were delivered
from good Authority, and Some time was
spent in endeavoring to strenghen and
Assist them in in bringing things into
order, and in the holding of their Meet-
-ings to the reputation of our profession
many of them parted with us in near
affection, being much Contrited