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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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went in the afternoon up the Northwest
side of Lake Erie to Obediah Denniss

who lay very low, him he and his Wife are
members of Kingwood Monthly Meeting
with their five Children who are under
15, we had a beautiful ride about four
Miles on the Beech up the Side of the Lake, the
Sand near the Water is very Hard and
Smoothe and is an excallent road, and what to me appeared very
curious was the ellevations that were
frequent along the side of the Lake, some
of them 40 or 50 feet high 10 or more pearch
-es broad covered with Timber, and yet
we were informed they were perfect sand
hills blown out of the Lake, which upon
inspection appeared to be realy the case
Lodged at Daniel Pounds 10 miles

6th day third checkPlace

a warm smoky Morning
and so thick an Air for several days
past that the sun scarcely made it appear
-ance, went to Asa Schoolies

2 ½ miles, hav-
-ing visited the families of Friends, and
such who profess with us in those parts we
set of to see the four families down the