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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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4th day 11th Mo 1st checkPlace

Sat with Joseph Haven

s, him he
and his Wife appear to be steady examplery
Friends, they have two Children grown
to Manhood, who are hopeful, the Son
Married John Hills Daughter as near to the
common Practice of Friends as circumstances
would permit, he lives home with his
Father and they are an hopeful Couple
our next Oppertunity was at Joseph Marsh
-es, his Wife never had a right amongst friends
but is a tender, Open, Inocent Woman, and a
real friend in Principle, Joseph was disown
-ed by Plainfield Monthly Meeting for Marri-
-ing, he is desirous to condemm his out-
-going and we hope from a right concern
the have seven pretty Innocent Children
the Oldest not ten
we sat at Abraham Webster’s who with his
Wife are Members of Kingwood Monthly
, they have eight seven Children who are
in membership, they who they appear Innocent
and hopefull
then sat at Adam Burrell’s neither him he
nor his Wife ever had a right among frien
friends, they attend Meetings, and are look
-ing toward friends, and appear hopeful