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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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Then sat at Daniel Pounds, him he and
his Wife are examplary friends and have
nine seven pretty Inocent Children who are
all small, him he and his Wife were dis
-owned by Plainfield Monthly Meeting
they appear to be in a tender thought
-ful condition and are desirous to
make up with friends, and have sent acknowledgments by us none of their Child
-ren have a right
we then sat at Joel Morrises, he
has never had a right among friend
but we think he is hopeful and in a
thoughtful tender state, his wife was
disowned by Shrewsberry Rahway Monthly Meeting
they have 4 small children
is in a tender thoughtful State, woman here we
met with Abraham Lane a Single Man
and a Member, and who may do Well, he
is a Member of Shrewsbury Monthly Meeting
Sat at Asa Schuylies him he and his Wife
are examplary friends, and, Members
of KingWood Monthly Meeting, they have
several hopeful Children but none of them
have a right of membership, Lodged here