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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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The Canada

side several Miles, a plea
-sant ride being beautifyed with the River
on one hand and good improvements on
the other, and in some 3 or 4 miles we left
this delightful Prospect to encounter a mis-
-erable swampy road, with some firm
stony Land, and in 8 or 10 miles arrived
at Asa Schuylies one of our friends which
was truly satisfactory to us all, being
weary, dirty, and wanted recruitive
>our coming was unexpected to our friends yet truly
acceptable and we were received
with open hearts 14 miles

3rd day the 31 checkPlace

sat at John Cutlers

Gilberts who appeared
to be an Innocent examplary friend, has
5 children at Home three of whom are nearly
grown up and are hopeful, and three
are from home who are in their Mino-
-rity, he has latterly buried his Wife &
he is a member of Buckingham Monthly
we have since met with one of
his sons who was from home, he is an
apprentice to a friend, and is an hope-
-full young friend Man
thence sat at to John Herits neither him
nor his Wife are in Membership, they
are thoughtful persons, and profess no other