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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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2nd day 30 checkPlace

set of early to cross the Niagara
went 100 or more Pearches down the Buf
-faloe, a beautiful stream to its Confluence
with the Lake which Lake afforded had a Majestick
appearance, the breakers roling on the
Shore like those that More of the Atlantick.
we rode down the Beach 3 or 4 miles
to the Narrows of the Niagara, there
were was neither Boat nor House on the
Side we were, but by waiting an hour
or more, the Boat came, which took
three of us, and by ten we all got safe
over, it is a bold rapid stream half
a Mile over were we Crossed, & about 16 feet deep and it appeared dangerous and we
were informed that a few hours of
high Westerly Winds would blow the
the Water off the Lake so to the end
where the River essued, that
it would raise it immeadiately 4 or 6
feet, tho not altered perceptable in its depth by Rains we rode down the shore upon