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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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thence up a beautiful ascending stre†[ch]
about a mile stands to Canadarque thou[gh]
is it contains a Number of well built Houses perhaps so some
of us elegant, and supurb, here we fed >10 mil†[es?]
upon confering together we thought
best of going to see some of our mem
bers hereaway upon and enquiring of our
Landlord he informed us of one or one more
who Lived at Mud Creek about 10 or 12 miles
off, we then turned our faces that way
and in about 9 m traveling
we stoped at a certain Job Howlings
to enquire the way, he told us it was
to far to reach that evening and a kind-
-ly invited us to stay all night, which we
accepted of, found his Wife a Member and very kind
we had a sitting with them that even-
ing, the Land from Thomas Lees to
Canadarque is in some places very
rich strong land in other places thin,
much of the way is Low flat Country Land
to wet for Wheat, but little pine for
20 m past the mostly heavy timbered.
From Canadarque to this place very
Deep, rich Land, for the most part, the