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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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Very flat and wet, the greater body
of Timber chiefly Elm, breech, & Sugar maple
27 miles.

3d 24, checkPlace

in conferrence this Morning it open-
-ed with greatest clearness to appoint a Meeting
to be held next day at Nathan Herringdan

’s a
Friendly Man about 11 miles from thence, we
then went to Nathan Cornstalk’s, 5 miles sat with
his family, his Wife a Member; thence to Abraham
’s 2 miles had a refreshing Oppertunity
with his family Lodged there, 7 miles

4 day 25 checkPlace

attended the Meeting at Herringdan’s

9 miles tho it was not a time of reigning, yet an
instructive Opportunity, Dined with the fami-
-ly where the meeting was held, Lodged at Jeremiah
over Mud Creek, his Wife a Member
he was one of the first settlers in these parts,
his Cabin remains Covered with bark, the
logs of his house are Chunked but not plastered
I we had pretty good Beds, otherwise I thought
the Openness of the House was a prepa-
-ration to our Lying in the woods, which we
expect shortly to encounter the Land in these parts
mostly flat, a deep rich soil, so that the roads
are mostly wet and heavy, the chief body of
the Timber is Poplar, some of them the
finest I ever saw, Ash, Beech, and Sugar Maple
9 miles