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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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stony but excellent Wheat Land, to Sanfords
15 miles, where we got Hay, and very indif.
-firent Oates in the sheaf, thence along the
East side of the Crooked Lake ever a level
Country, and for the most part good
Land, for miles togather, a deep Rich
Soil abounding with Sugar Maple,
Shelbark Hickory, Ash, Elm, White Oak
&c: mostly a White Oak Timber the Last
20 Miles, a few White Pine in pplaces,
to Thomas Lees

a kind friendly Family
16 miles, this has been a hard days, tra-
-vel for our Horses, and there fare very poor,
there was no place to Quarter, short
of where we arrived, that we were
Obliged to travel hard, this has been
a dark Cloudy day tho not much rain

1st day of the week 22nd checkPlace

a rainy Morning &
drisley day, in conference this Morning
it was thought best, not to travel
till afternoon, and as there was no
friends Meeting in these parts, we felt
an Opening to sit down with the
family in which we were, with such