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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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Canadarque and at that the directest
road there, was so Miry that we had
better go by Jemima Wilkinson’s
settlement, which was so far round
that our minds became closely
exercised to know what was best
to do, but upon closely attending
to the subject, and taking the
that part of our appointment of
Visiting those of our society about Can
and parts & parts adjacent into view are
felt most easy to turn our Course
towards what is called Jemima's the friends
settlement, tho it was much about,
it was a solitary road, there being
but a few settlements , and those two or three
expected, were within four Miles of
Bath the rest of the way an entire
Wilderness, the Land for a few Miles
from Bath was a high dry soil and thin the
Timber Chiefly pitch pine the soil
thin thence through a low fat Bottom
very swampy, thence over the North end of
Mountain’ beautifully Timbered, not very