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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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three Miles over Muncy Creek, 33
Miles this day, this days travel pretty
good Roads and clear of Stones

18 checkPlace

a fine morning, and pleasant day
for traveling, stoped, and took an ear-
-ly Dinner at the Widdow Harreses

* at
*On Roasted and Baked Venison, persons having killed 3 the day before and 20 this fall
Loyalsock 9 miles, thence up the Banks
of Susquehanna to Lycomun 6 miles,
then we turned a North Coarse of up the sd.
Lycomun 10 miles to Skylers, among the
Mountains, where we Lodged, the Road
from William Ellis’s to Lycomun, is thr
Level, clear of Stones, and very good, the
timber a Mixture of White Oak, Pitchpine,
&c, and the Land in general very good.
Up the Lycomun the road to this place
crossed the Creek 7 times, the bottom we
went up Deep and furtile, with some a
few Cabbins & a little improved in places
the valley was narrow with high moun-
-tains on each side, this bottom was
very heavy timbred abundance of
lofty White pine, butternut, button
Wood, Sugar Maple &c.

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