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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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Set of[f] Just at breck of day, a fine morn-
-ing, fed at the foot of the Laural hill
on the uppermost branch of Lycomun
9 miles the Road deep and Miry up
a Branch of the Lycomun, which we
crossed upwards of 20 times, I have
had this morning to admire the produc-
-tions of nature the remarkable Lofty towring
pines, the Hemlock, spruce, Sugar
Maple, and a Variaty of other Lofty
timber, no man to recieve and carry
them it of so that they fall into their Mother
lap, the earth, and the multitudes of trunks of
Trees that lye across one another is
truly admiral, many of the White
pine trunks appears to have lain
in that Situation for more than half
a Century, grown over with moss, the
Seeds of the trees falling of on the Moss
have taken Root, grew to be trees 5 or 6
Inches over, while the Log under them
remained, the Valley through which we
passed is narrow with very high moun-
-tains on each they all appear very rich