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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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Crossed Susquehanna at Catewissee

in the
boat, the River 80 pearches wide,
the Land from the River to fishing
Creek is more desirable than on the
Catewisee side, it is pretty clear of
Stones, and mostly such as will do
to settle on, and in some places,
particularly toward Fishing Creek
is considerably improved, Dined
at Jessee Hains’s 15 miles, the tim-
-ber for 7 or 8 miles after we crossed
the River, is mostly Pine, thinly scat-
-tered with very little undertimber,
about Fishing Creek very heavy
timber, from Jessee Haines’s on
towards Munsy generally White
Oak, for 6 or 7 miles the Land leavel
and pretty good with a number
of good improvement, from thence
to the Muncy Creak Creek Mountainous, and
poor, the Muncy Valley is pretty good
Land, Lodged at William Ellises