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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joseph Moore's Journal

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satan has too generally amongst the inhabitants of
these parts. Captain Gibbons

, who came passenger
in the Dunmore, gave us the above intelligence re-
specting the commissioners, and further says, the
Indian deputies and they held a very friendly con-
ference together at Navy Hall, and things appeared
in a favourable way respecting the treaty. This ac-
count is more pleasant than any we have had for
many days past. In this fluctuating state of things
we find great need to keep on the right bottom, so
that we may not be shaken from that foundation,
and a humble confidence in the Divine power, which
I trust we felt in our embarkation.


John Parrish

, John Elliott, and myself, paid
a visit to the Roman Catholic priest, who appeared
to take it kind. We also had a short interview with
the commandant, who has manifested much respect
to us during our long stay here, and now told us,
that nothing should be wanting that lay in his power
to make our way easy.

23d and 24th.

We now began to prepare for leav-
ing Detroit

. The commandant visited us at our quar-
ters, and informed us he proposed going with us in
the Dunmore to see the commissioners. It seemed
very pleasant to find that respect which it is hoped
may tend to strengthen the unity between them. —
We should have been glad to see the commissioners
here, but understanding neither they nor any others
from a foreign state under military characters, are
admitted within the limits of this garrison, which
includes the town that consists of about one hun-
dred houses; under which consideration we think it
cause of thankfulness for the indulgence, remarkable
attention, and kind treatment we have met with