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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joseph Moore's Journal

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the Shawnese

, and now lives at Fort Pitt. We sup-
posed he had a grudge against him for leaving them;
but Ash prevented his doing him mischief. This,
with other insolent behavior to our landlord, caused
captain Munsey, who was there, to send for some
soldiers to turn him out of the garrison. These
things look gloomy, and tend to confirm us that no-
thing short of wisdom from above will do for us to
lean to.


The weather is now dry and warm — the
wheat it fast ripening, of which there is an appear-
ance of very fine crops. Vegetables are plenty,
such as new potatoes, peas, beans, &c. The sloop
Felicity just arrived from the Miamies

, confirms
the account of the Indian deputation being gone to
meet the commissioners at Niagara, accompanied by
colonel Butler and Simon Girty. The schooner
Nancy also just arrived from Michillimackinac, with
peltry — made her passage to this place in seventeen
days — distance three hundred and ninety miles.


First of the week. We held a meeting in
the forenoon in the old sail loft: it was to good satis-
faction, being large and solid. In the afternoon we
went about five miles to the river Rushe — held a
meeting with the inhabitants there and several who
went with us from the town. This also we thought
was comfortable and edifying.


The weather hot and sultry — a heavy thun-
der shower. We have no account from the commis-
sioners — hope they may come on with the Indian
deputies, if any thing is likely to be done. This is
truly a trying scene to us, to be kept in this expen-
sive place so long in suspense; yet hope it may not
be altogether in vain. We think we have done the