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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Jacob Lindley’s Account

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ing of the 23rd, at Fort Erie. The surf was so high
all that day, we could not land our baggage.


We settled our accounts with Capt. Ford for
our passage down Lake Erie. I agreed with the
commissioners for a horse, proposing to ride home.
This afternoon, Randolph, Pickering, and their ser-
vants, crossed the river to the mouth of Buffalo
creek, on their way home, proposing to take the
route of Albany. William Savery, and William
, agreed to return by water, with Gen.
. Joseph Moore, and myself, went five
miles down the river to lodge at our kind friend,
Benjamin Wilson's. John Elliott, and John Par-
, went up the lake about eight miles, to look out
some Friends, there settled.

Col. Pickering and Gen. Lincoln, through the
whole of the journey, so far as I have seen, have
conducted as men of religion and sobriety.


Joseph Moore, and myself, visited the fami-
lies of Joseph Marsh, Adam Burrell, and Joseph
. Went to Esau Schooley's to lodge, where
we were heartily welcomed, and kindly entertained.


Visited the families of John Herrit, John
, and Esau Schooley. Lodged at John Cut-
, who has a family of hopeful children.


Appointed a meeting at Joseph Havens. It
was a solid, comfortable season. After which, John
, and myself, visited Daniel Pound's family,
and lodged there.


Visited Joseph Havens, Adam Burrell, and
Joseph Marsh's families. At the latter, we lodged.

29th. checkPlace

Attended an appointed meeting, at Major
's, where many people assembled. It was
attended with a solemnity becoming the occasion.