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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Notes of a Journey taken by Elisha Tyson and James Gillingham on a Visit to some Indians in the neighbourhood of Fort Wayne

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Several of the Indians made their appear-
-ance & one of they call Wapakee called
by the french Maupauk the most Gigantic
Savage looking Indian that we have
yet seen he is of the Potowatomy &
Sioux Nation mixed he was the chief
who took the 40 Osages prisiners which
the United States lately redeemed at
a very great expense the Osages
have lately killed ten of Sioux &
five of the Delaware & he is treath-
-ing vengance against them. he has his
men he says ready & can stay but
a short time with us but must meet
them to go against the Osages & it is
thought that it will not be possible
to turn him from his purpose we
dread his company in Council as he
does not appear to have any more
Idea of Civilization than the
Bears in the Woods he puts
me in mind of some of the