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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Notes of a Journey taken by Elisha Tyson and James Gillingham on a Visit to some Indians in the neighbourhood of Fort Wayne

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the British this [deletion] we apprehend Judges think
that ten or Fifteen Thousand Dollars
might be saved annually if care
was taken so as to send nothing here
but what was of good quality. &
otherwise suitable for this market

22nd this morning being first day there
there is a smart frost which will be
pretty hard upon the Gardens & tender
Vegetables the Fruit doubtless will
Suffer -- we went over to W. Wells's to
dine in Company with J. Johnston &
the Officers of the Garrison & the Doctor
where we had a Decent Dinner &
very good decorum the officers & Doctor
with Johnston are all young Men
& appear to be of sober deportment not
one of them [delete: but] given to Intemperance
in short we have been much pleased
& disappointed to find such Characters
in the Military professions