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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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I attended a Meeting held in a School-House over Cooper's Creek,
a large and solid Meeting, which ended well.

On the 5th I had a Meeting
at a School-house near Gloucester

, not very large on account of a
Burial, & visited four families afternoon; and the next day five fami-
lies, which closed our Visit to families of Newtown Meeting; about
90, to our comfort, & the satisfaction of those visited, for ought that


I have visited several other sick persons, not with-
out a reward, & had two pretty large Meetings in School-houses to good


At our monthly Meeting

I laid before my friends the continu-
ance of a concern to pay a farther Visit within the Governments of
New-York & Canada, which was referred to the next meeting.


Visiting sick people, of whom there are many; and some die
at short Warning: to me the season seems alarming, & I fear hard-
ness of heart increaseth; with extortion in high prices, as though there
would not be a living for the poor: Oh the Worldly spirit which prevails;
Will not the Lord be angry, & stretch forth his hand more severely?


Again, I have visited several who were under deep bodily
infirmity; the State of whom caused serious contemplation concern-
ing some circumstances: Some are falling out with one another by the
way, contending about things which appear to be of so little worth
in a dying hour, that there is no name of a small enough Value to
call them by. Oh that all would try to be rich in good Works!