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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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or pestilence? I had to press these things for close consideration.


I have several times visited a sick friend, who said she felt a sweet
calm; that she had all she could look for; death was no terror; adding,
Oh how trying would a wounded conscience be, at such a time as this!


I was at Pilesgrove Mo.ly Meeting

as poor and low, I thought,
as I ever felt myself. Next day at our Quarterly Meeting, I thought
it right to mention the situation of two old Jersey Indians near us; one of whom
is about 80 years old, & the other blind, about 60, for whom I have been
concern'd that they may be properly cared for: a committee was appointed to
attend to their Case.


Attending our General Spring Meeting

in Philadelphia, I be-
lieve it was a favoured Season, remarkably so. Our English friends Debo-
rah Darby
& Rebecca Young attended, being nearly ready to return
after accomplishing their religious visit in America; Our Friends Sam.l
, Will.m Savery, & two Women friends, going over with them; they
all obtained Certificates at this Meeting.

Sitting with the Committee on Indian Affairs

, I was concerned
to open my Sentiments concerning the propriety of taking the situa-
tion of our Jersey Indians, under care, as well as those more re-
mote from our dwellings: as I remember to have heard my father
often mention the Indians Kindness to our Predecessors in the Jer-
seys, when they were few, & the Indians many.