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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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I visited a family of Methodists

, who seemed well disposed: they were
tender & expressed satisfaction.


I likewise attended Evesham Mo.ly Meeting

, and was afraid friends
were rather on the decline, as to the ground work of religion. The spirit
of the world often gets too much place in the hearts of Professors, and then
the good seed is choked, so that it cannot flourish to the honour of the
Great Husbandman. --- I felt much stripping after I came home,
but on visiting some of the Poor, & those in Affliction, I was comforted;
and had cause to bless, & praise the Name of the Israel's God.


At our Monthly Meeting

I opened my concern to visit
the Families belonging to our Meeting of Newtown; and to hold
a few Meetings near the river side, which my friends united with,
I was induced to express my Concern also, about so great a Con-course
of People coming to our Quarterly Meeting, & the disorders often seen
among them.


On first day we had a favoured Meeting
at Newtown

: a searching testimony was delivered by our friend
S.S. many hearts both of young and old were tendered.


-- I thought I had some clear openings, respecting the manner of
holding our Meetings for discipline, in the authority of Truth.


Being at a Meeting held in a School House near the River, I was
concern'd on the subject of dwarfishness, which is apt to overtake
Friends both Men and women, in a religious Sense; where the Spirit
of the World is allowed to gain Place: O how it hinders the Growth
of the blessed Truth!


In visiting the poor and afflicted, I find some who