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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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which (as it seems to me) have stole in upon us as a thief in the night,
and which in a measure occasion dimness and weakness with respect to
a faithful Support of the pure testimony of Truth.


And the next day at the Creek

, or stone, house, a meeting of the same
kind was held with heads of families, large, and owned by the Truth, as many
Friends expressed; for many hearts were tendered, & many tears dropt.
Here also the example & Care of our Predecessors, for punctuality in
dealings, true moderation in living &c, was brought into view; and a weigh-
ty Care urged in the education of Children: also the ruinous Effects of a
neglect of that Care was mention'd.

The day following I had
a large & solid Meeting at Stephen Dean

's house; And one at
Israel Titus's house in the afternoon, which was likewise satisfactory.


At Swago

also I had a pretty large Meeting, which was thought
to be favoured. --- On my way the next day to Appoquage, I saw a
shameful sight, a Bull tied up, and dogs allowed to worrey him in that
condition: and those looking on, who (no' doubt) professed Christianity.


Attending Appoquage meeting

on first day, it was so large
the house was too small for the people: but too many of them see-
med to be a bad sort, yet they sat commendably for such a mixed num-
ber; and I was concerned to lay things close, & scarcely got relieved in the
meeting: In the afternoon I had but little strength to hold up my head,
believing this is a poor place, & the faithful number but few.

I went from hence to Oblong

again; thro' a rough mountainous Country.
A friend who was educated in the Presbyterian profession informed me