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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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8th month.

After leaving Penobscot

we crossed the bay about 14 Miles to
Ducktrap, and had a small solid meeting among the People there
that afternoon; they people behaved well; The next day we hired
a man and horses to take us to Camden on Penobscot bay; and on
the day following had a smallish meeting there, which I thought
was favour'd. Here I bought a Horse, bridle and saddle, and rode
to Broad Bay; where we had a satisfactory meeting at the widow
Chapman's House; in which deep impressions were made on some
Minds, and we were brought near to each other, altho' outwardly


In the afternoon we proceeded about 15 miles
to the Widow Kennedy

's, near Sheepsgut Ferry; and on the day follow-
ing reached to our friend Jeremiah Hacker's at Durham;


From hence, pro-
ceeding to Falmouth

, in company of several friends, on first day were at
meeting there, which was, as I thought, poor and dull: The weather was warm
and riding thus on horseback was trying to my shattered condition: Yet I
am favoured: All praise belongs to the Lord: I have been fully convinced
in this my pilgrim-like-Journey for the good of Souls, that nothing
belongs to man, nor the contrivence of Men in putting forward the Lord's

9th mo 2nd

From Falmouth

we came to Sandwich, where we had two
meetings, one of which was publick; The other with our friends
selected: These were exercising, but I believe they ended well. Hard labour
and much Poverty seem to be my allotment: But let me not murmur