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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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1795. 8th month.

Being kindly supplied with Horses, & a man to
take them back, we went on to Pleasant-River, about 20 Miles towards

: As heretofore hinted there appears to be much Openness
amongst the inhabitants of this Eastern Country towards Friends: I thought
it looked as tho' "the fields were white unto Harvest;" and that many seem
ed weary of their Teachers: We had a Small solid meeting here the
next day: After which we crossed the River to Richard Coffin's.


Hiring Horses and a Man to take them back, we came about
30 Miles to French-man's Bay, and the next day we reached to the house
of Paul Dudley

, who was a very kind man: He offered his Boat and
Hands to take us near 30 Miles, but It being rainy we tarried here till
the day following, day and then were taken down Frenchman's
Bay to the Blue Hills:


On the Way to Penobscot

we had
a pleasant Passage; and I had to admire the goodness of the Lord,
in opening & preparing my Way. Blessed be his excellent Name, doth
my soul say, tremblingly, in awful fear and Love. -- The next day
we hired Horses to cross a neck of Land about six Miles; and then went
by water to Penobscot: Feeling Poor in mind, and hearing of an Opportu-
nity to go on further by Water, We had like to have gone, But perceiv
ing an Opening unexpectedly for a meeting here next day, we concluded to
tarry, having one in the Morning, and also another in the afternoon, so
lid and profitable, I hope: The people's behaviour was commendable, I was
comforted, and some benefit perhaps was received by individuals among them.