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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Narrative of a Second Visit to the Indian Country

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In the first volume of Friends' Miscellany, was
published an Account of a Journey to the Indian
settlements, for the purpose of bringing some of the
young female natives to receive an education among
Friends, near Philadelphia

. It will be recollected,
that six Indian girls were committed to the care of
Joseph Clark for this purpose, and that they were
placed with divers friends in Chester county and
parts adjacent, where they remained for some length
of time, in learning the arts of domestic economy,
and acquiring the habits of civilized life. At suit-
able opportunities, and with persons from their own
neighbourhoods in the Indian country, three of them
were conveyed home; the other three remained with
Friends till the year 1801, being about four years.
It was then proposed that Joseph Clark should re-
turn with them, in order that they might be safely
conducted to their respective habitations, parents,
relatives and friends. Joseph cordially acceded to
this proposal, and cheerfully undertook the journey,
as feeling not only a warm interest in the Indian
natives, but under some obligation, on account of
the confidence reposed in him by the parents when