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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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their own endeavors, to maintain the truths of the
Gospel, in a Pious Godly Life, by this they might become
bright shining lights in this place, and be as Salt
having a good savor among the People. It appear'd a
time of deep thoughtfulness to many minds, that and
cannot but believe there are a considerable number who
are under concern on account of their dangerous situation
who are well concern'd friends. After noon return'd to

to meet our Company likewise met
with them at Israel Chapin’s where we took Tea and
after some further information from him respecting our Business
further West, returned to the Tavern where we yesterday
put up Dudly’s to~

There seems a doubt in some of our minds whether there’s
necessity of going further west or returning homewards, not
having received answers to the Queries, to the different tribes
last spring that they have that they are desirous we should
assist them in the way propos'd in the Queries, except

who with a few others who incline to his counsel is we are inform'd requests
Friends’ assistance, this circumstance turning up as we
so that we postpone the resulting untill some future
time bearing the subject weighing it in our minds
until, we may be nearly ready for a move forward, in
there being need of two or three days detention in this place
on several accounts~


this day chiefly taken up in getting our Horses
shoes examined & shod for which we had to pay fourteen
shilling for shoeing a Horse Round, towards evening
J. Pierce

and I. Rowland went to their former home toward at
Mud Creek, Jacob Smith’s, having a mind to be at the