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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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Still, under all such Immoralities let it be ever so Heinous to
in the Eyes of all Sober people of whatever denomination
yet still they are members, and are distinguished from
other denominations of the place by Quakers, to the very
great reproach of the Holy profession of the Truth which
we hold forth to the World that I do verily believe it’s a
matter which does deeply concern Society least they become
a Blemish and Spot in the Church, and instead of
becoming Lights to the people of the place where they are planted in will
be as Blocks & hindrences in the way of such who are
of enquiring minds after the way to Truth & Peace
as I make no doubt there be such in this place, as well
as in most others, That they may be helped with a little
with a little help is the very great desire of my mind.
There we staid all Night, with with to be at a meeting
our friend J. E.

Appointed here tomorrow.


we had a satisfactory meeting this morning, most of
neighboring people came and sat Commendably still and quiet
several came from the Town, as our said friend came through town
his company Abraham Lapham

invited to said meeting, they
seem'd to admire that it had not been held in town some of
whom were the principal people of the place, offering the
Court House if he would appoint a meeting in the afternoon
which they seem'd desirous of. Our friend seem'd to incline
so to do & accordingly notice was given & four o’clock the time
appointed to meet. Near the the time several of our friends
went in company with our said friends to the meeting
who said it was to their satisfaction, a considerable number
of the people attending of the town attending. There’s not any
meeting of any denomination near this place.