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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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yet we believed he was not so much as to render him
incapable and after a little time appeared it with
repeating & Imprinting the former agreement
between Us and them relative to our farm &
things relative, to the carrying it on, which was now
drawn and signed by Us, with a request that if they
agree'd to them that their Chiefs would do so too, which
they accordingly did, We endeavor'd to impress their
Chiefs with the need there was for them to be kind to
our Young Men who stay'd with them for their good
and to watch over their young men andthat they should
not be abusive to them when they were in Liquor.
If they should what a grief it would be to their parents to hear
of any such things towards their sons, after we
expressing what we felt on the Occasion the
Counsel concluded & we all returned to our old
quarters to Lodge for the last night.


This morning after breakfast, took our leave of our

friends, many of them coming to take their
leave of bid us farewell, had a solid opportunity with
them & parted not without considerable marks of respect
from most more particularly from the women (who had all along
discovered it by their strawberries & other things
for our sustenance,) went to our friends station, in order
to take our farewell of where we came between 9 & 10 O’clock
at our usual time we all sat down in our little meeting
capacity to feel after, a little refreshment which some of
were favored with I believe, then took dinner at Schonodores