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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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whilst at Dinner our friend Joshua

felt his mind
drawn towards having a sitting infarewell opportunity
with this people, there appear'd more of them Men &
Women than we had seen together at one time before, it
might be to bid us farewell perhaps, notwithstanding
we seem'd to have cleared out with them Yesterday, tho not
very satisfactorily, we thought well of his proposition, they
were inform'd of it, and were willing, then we carried
seats for ourselves a little distance from the House &
sat down in the sun, Jacob Reed Interpreter who to
day was perfectly sober, they presently spread themselves
round about us on the ground, some sitting, others lying,
they in general sat quiet and still, during the time
were together we most of Us had to acknowledge much
more to our satisfaction than yesterday’s at the close day, they
expressing their satisfaction with the opportunity partic
ly the women. Then return'd to our friends Home & got
our Horses ready for starting, when ready took a farewell
of our young friends with much affection, regard it being a time of
reflection upon these lonely situation but they were then we
mounted not without Seriously reflecting at on their
Station and Situation.