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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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after those offers were read by Hendrickson

& Interpretted
they were advis'd to watchfulness & care over themselves
that they did not let their inclination to strong Liquor
be their ruin, but those who were so weak as to gaddicted
to be allways upon their guard and never use it at all, that
they would should be industrious & not love to be running about
but to stay at home & mind their own business that they
thereby with a divine blessing would have plenty to live on
the Great Spirit would no doubt be pleas'd with such a life
as this & that if they did but mind that inward something
in their own breasts that made them feel Quiet and Peaceable
for well doing, and on the contrary for getting drunk and other Evil things
which displeased the Great Spirit they felt sorrow &
Disquiet in their hearts. Then after sitting a short time
Hendrick in behalf of the his people spoke to this effect
that they were glad of to hear our words that
they would endeavor to mind them, That they were
glad of the our offer to them that they believed we were
there true Friends. But that he remembered that we
said that after trying them for a while and there appeared
no improvement among them that then we should be discouraged
from giving them any more assistance, which he
hoped might not be the case* But if they should make
improvement they wanted to know if their Brothers
and friends the Quakers would then continue to help
them or no. They were answered we were in hopes
that if they were but industrious and sober and minded our
counsel & our friends instruction that stayed with them