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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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load Wagon Load the takes three hands to work the
Boat distance from Schnedctada to Schyler ninety miles
is there’s an addition to the expense of 16 Shilings or 4/0
Wagon load or 4/0 Wagon load for passing the locks at the Falls

In some time after Breakfast set off for the Counsel at

met them about 11 O’clock, after sitting a short
time they mentioned by the Interpreter Jacob Reed
that they had considered our propositions and then
stated the Objections, which appeared to us somewhat
reasonable, they mentioning a place for our farm
less injurious to them, upon viewing the place con
cluded to fix our farm there, which
we inform'd them then they appeared well pleas'd
with our conclusions & the Counsel concluded for
the present, we then rented a house of one of their
Chiefs (whose mother we spoke with, her Children
informed us was 100 years Old) for 20 Dollars Cash
down & the same Year as long as we should
have occasion for it with conditions of finishing it
after which return'd to our quarters at Stockbridge

7th Month. First.

This morning early three of us set of to look
after our goods to use means to get them to our new
settlement likewise to buy a yoke of oxen, a cart &
some other things to accommodate our new farm &
toward Housekeeping, we breakfasted at Brothertown

my old hom with my old Landlady Sarah Tupic,
then we parted Jacob Taylor going forward to set after
the goods he had under his care at Fort Schylers
they left and the other friend & myself went in Quest