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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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more that she should not have killed that, but she thought
she must for us who had come so far to see them, neither
did not want any pay for it, At several different times
the Woman has afforded sufficient tokens of friendship their gratitude
by their bowls of strawberries brought us—


It being first day held our little meeting in our Landlord’s
House none but our selves present –

Captain Hendrick

gave me an history relating to the Circumstance
of their Nation the Stockbridges giving the Remains of the Delawares
our Edgpelick Indians title of Grandfathers, and the Edgpelick them Grandson
that it was from an Antient Covenant between them, that
the Delawares in their general Counsels, had a very strong
Voice which sunk deep in their hearts, and that they were
apt to give advice to the other Nations,

There’s one circumstance that might have been in a more
proper place perhaps, that is with respect to the Brotherton

People, by profession they are Baptists, they have no set preacher
but are in the practice of holding meeting on first day twice
in the forenoon and afternoon, when some of them either
Men or Women speak as they feel an inclination, as they hold
it right for Women to Speak, the day we were with them David
& son David both spoke the father appear'd in supplication
prayer, From our feelings we doubted their foundation being
upon that which was not Immovable, so we perceiv'd
in the interval for whilst the Commissioners who were here upon the Oneidas
Complaint, they sent one of their number Isaac Wabe
a young man One of their Peacemakers to propose to them
their request them to acquaint their Brethren of the
home fraternity that they were without a Minister that
they would Interceed and use their endeavors to provide and send them
a Preacher, by this piece of conduct we may readily call in question their
foundation of standing firm & Secure, in the faith that they