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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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grass, & above all places that I ever saw this exceeded for Strawberrys
here four of us Staid all night, next morning on the 23rd
again went to the Oneida

settlement when we after viewing
the the place again we agreed upon the placea lot we believed would
answer the our purpose, then return'd to our home Captain
it being the 23rd. At our return were inform'd
the two Commissioners from Boston, (Presbyterian
ministers) who at the request or direction of their Brethren
of Scotland had in the forenoon held a Counsel with the
Stockbridges & was then gone to Oneida to a Counsel
with them. They had 24 questions in writing as how many Pagans,
how many Indians of the nation, whether they increased or deceased
and the rest I do not recollect, What gave rise to the
Visit was it seems the Oneidas had made complaint in writing
to the Society that their Kirkland did not
preach but once in a while, that he had an £100
a year they thought he ought to serve them faithfully
they came to see whether the complaint was well Grounded or not Some of our company had an opportunity with them
who said they appeared very friendly to our concern &
told Us or one of them he wish'd us success in our under
taking that he thought we had got upon the right
bottom to make a fair proof of what can be done
to change their habits of Life, likewise they requested
if we had no objection they might have a Copy of our
Minute from the Committee they should send one to
their Brethren in Scotland, we furnished gave them
one, their Names