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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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of both Cattle & sheep so that they may have stock enough
for their lands in a few years the greatest block in their
having a plentifull & a comfortable living is


This morning we left our friends the Brotherton

& came to Stockbridge to our old home Hendrick Aupaumuts.
Obediah Sepio’s wife is David Fowler’s daughter inform'd Us
she had recovered from a disorder in theher Blood which which
had grievous afflicted her for I think four years which is call'd
the King’s evil, and after trying the skill of several Doctors, &
many things, was told that by taking the Blood or Red Root
and puting it Spirits might it was likely help her, that had
been known to cure several under that desperate disorder
which she accordingly did which had affected a cure on her
the disorder by her relation appeared to have raged in a very desperate


We in the afternoon met our these friends that left us on the 20th:
to go to Scyler town

who brought us word they could hear no tidings
of Jacob Taylor & goods, which now begins to give us concern
as the most material preparatory business to the application
of those goods seems nearly gone through, this visit to the Oneidas
settlement is to look about to find a suitable spot to fix our
young men & their farm, we believing it might be best to
settle there as they appear to be much less cultivated than the Stockbridges
after some time spent looking about the settlement, we went to
see the Sawmill which lies about half a mile from the main
body of their town Houses, it appears to be a very good seat for
mills the dam remains broke unrepaired a few hands a day
a Couple of days might repair the Dam, but don't find
they seem as tho they had no Interest in it, the foundation for
a Grist mill is laid & is to be built by government, from thence
we went except one of us to view a place about 4 miles off to see whether it
would suit for our farm which, we found to be a flat Grass
of several hundred Acres mostly covered with a good