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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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about fifty and some a hundred Acres each, those that are setted have one
Lott, each except some few who were have been the first setters
who they have agreed should have more, they have gathered
from several of the Eastern States, and continue to gather
that & when they come those lots that are not already
Occupied are mined & such as suits the new
comer he fixes himself upon, this Spring or last Winter
several families have come mov'd here, these lots remain
are to be remain unoccupied until such times as be fill'd up setted by
such as may come from time to time. From this circumstance
of their coming from different parts gave the name of
the place was nam'd Brothertown. There’s considerable improvement which
they now enjoy without their Labour having Labour'd
their having bestowing any labour for, Before the Legislatur last
fall interfear'd they had least their lands to the White
People who in a few years, had built houses clear'd land
and were seated thereon, many of them had a prospect, from their
expressions, of keeping their foothold & with great reluctance mov'd
off by the time appointed in the Law made for regulating
these Indians affairs, In short notwithstanding they appear
very Poor at this time with respect to their having a sufficiency
of Household goods and Stock of Creatures & farming utentials
from the many Corroborating circumstances, they may become
very good living if not a Wealthy people, their lands extraordinary good, having now
several Lotts of Grass some containing 3, 4 & 10 & 12 acres
of Englishof Timothy, & some Clover mixed with the Timothy
equal very little inferior to any we have ever seen at any place. They have an
yearly income from the State of New York of 860 pounds
and better, an Interest for the whole sum valuedthe State purchased upon the
lands sold by them to governmentthe State, they having already receiv'd
their some Cattle & are direct to purchase a considerable number