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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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They as the Stockbridges

have some disorderly walkers
that’s seeking every opportunity to undermine their
Government, the most mischievous among them is Elijah
an elderly man, before their regulation
law made by the Legislative of New-York last year
he exercised great Authority among them, untill he
came under bonds for his good behavior, since that
his disturbance of the Peace consists in endeavoring
to influence the minds of the people against the Law
but they seem generally to favour it & quietly submit
thereto believing thereby they shall have their Rights
secur'd, and may enjoy Peace & Tranquillity, this Old
man manifested thewhat spirit he was of, to Us Strangers
the day we met them in Counsel

First day 19th:

they having
before informed Us they had no Minister that preach'd
for hire and were desirous we should set with them in
our manner of worship, nothing appearing in our
minds to object, we accordingly near the time which
was Ten o’clock their time of meeting, they having
an afternoon meeting. we went and set down with
them and had a satisfactory meeting with them in
the afternoon, some of our company feeling an inclination
of setting with them in their afternoon, accordingly three


Part of our Company went to fort Schyler

to see if Jacob
had come with our things farming utensils, the other three spent the
day in going to see the families at their houses, they
Receiv'd our visit very kindly, there’s about fifty six families
in this settlement, their lands consists of about ten thousand
Acres lacking a few, all surveyed and divided into lots of