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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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they desired a particular gift of land to them, but said they
if we should give you Land it would be like a wooden Dish
& spoon it would not be Usefull, but would we think
break & split to pieces then it could not be Usefull to you
we think in your present temper of mind land would
not be Usefull to you that you would presently sell it
differ about something & disagree and so split, & Break to
pieces like the wooden Dish and Spoon then you would sell
the land & it would then be like the wooden Dish and Spoon
be no ways Usefull


This morning set of for theBrothertown where we got about
eleven oClock in Riding about nine miles, the road most
of the way Excessively bad like the Road almost all the way
from Whites Town to any each of the Indian settlements, present
ly after we came to their town they met together generally
both Men and Women where we had not the same difficulty as
heretofore but spoke without an Interpreter, but few of them
understanding any other than our own language, We had a
full open opportunity, which was a appear'd to be well received
by most of them two of their Chiefs & Peacemakers David

(before mentioned) and John Tuhie expressing in the
meeting their satisfaction in seeing & hearing us, that had
come so far to see them, several of them appear to be Religious
sober orderly People, having a watchful care great desire
& watchful care over these people often impressing their minds
with by the great the need of guarding
against Immorallity of all kinds & in an esspecial
manner that great evil that’s so Insodental to their
people, & had evidintaally been hurtfull in thier little
community and if not unitedly guarded against would
be their ruin that is the love of strong Liquor