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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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our business in such a manner as that they understood
it then they made their Reply’s and that thank'd us that we took
such a long journey from our homes that we were welcome
in their country and that we might settle where it suited us
signifying some that their young men were disposed to be instructed
in the farming business & Machanick Arts, after some further
enquiry respecting their concerns parted with in the Evening
returned to our home Captain Hendricks

Next morning the

found that our Horses had got out of their Pasture in afternoon
an Indian man went after them got upon their track &
found them about six miles from our Quarters making
towards the south in an entire strange Road, at the Treaty
with the Oneidas

David Fowler came he’s one of the Peacemakers
and Chiefs of the Brotherton settlement, he thought it was better
for us to fix meeting them at their Town next day after tomorrowseventh day
which was accordingly done, at Ten oClock

To day we were invited to a Treaty of the Stockbridges

among themselves,
the design to reclaim a few disorderly persons that had for some
time have had a pleasure in opposing every measure & all their
Rules which the majority have thought right to adopt for the
well governing their Civil & Temporal concerns, their Friends
the Oneidas were invited hoping their Influence might have
a beneficial effect, they likewise did attend & two of our number
went, who informed us when they return'd, that their business
appear'd to be unto the concerned a matter of importance and
treated an important matter, accordingly, that some of their
business in the manner of their transacting of it appear'd to
be with the uncommon interesting sobriety, but to them
that were but spectators very Humorous, then the Oneidas
Tumilee respecting the gift of their lands to the Stockbridges
they compar'd it a steel dish and spoon which was strong firm
& Usefull this was in reply to the refractory party when