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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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This morning Rainy we did not send to the Oneidas

after breakfast then sent them word to meet us at two o’clock, in the
afternoon it clear'd away and walked to their Village about four miles from
the Stockbridges, on the way met a messenger sent from the Tuscaroras
with a few lines from their chief wishing us to come and see them, we accor
dingly did their settlement between the Oneidas and Stockbridges converst
with one of their Chiefs Nicholas Tuisack were informed by him their
tribe there on that settlement of was twelve families that past they originally
were setled to the Southward, and that we think its likely they were the original
proprietors of the Hopewell lands, concerning which our yearly meetings
for many years were exercised with, we left them for the present & went on
to the Oneidas where we met part of them at their Chiefs house
lately built, its a frame weatherboarded & shingled they having
a sawmill and it going which was built by Government which by Government the Dam broke the Dam broke at the time the Stockbridge likewise a
Grist mill which we understood & so has been for someto be built this summer
time is begun, After opening Counsel the lateness of the day, unfit
ness of the Interpreter for Rendered it necessary both for them
& us to postpone our Communications until another day
which was agree'd to & fifth day next at 10 oClock when
their old Interpreter Captain Jacob Read is to officiate in that Capacity


This after noon we took another opportunity with the Tusca

we find they have never had any portion of land measured
them but find they consider themselves Dependants therefore unhapppy


This morning we with several of the Inhabitants of the town
accomplished a piece of Indian fence in a very short time for
a fresh pasture for our horses, between 9 and 10 began to Rain but
set off some afoot others on Horseback to the Oneidas according
to appointment after some time they generally met, after some
time they delivered us some introductory speeches, then the nature
of our business was oppened of all of which they seemingly
could not understand and in particular that we should bring
them plows without oxen to Draw the Ploughs, but after
some further explanations they seem'd better reconsited, and
said after some time spent in their counsel in communicating