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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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was measured them by miles, a gift of the Oneidas

to them of
six miles square, Indian reprobating the very Idea of selling
land to their brothers the Indians, and when the Stockbridge
Indians had a mind to move tofrom their settlement of Old Stockbridge
in New England, having an opportunity atwhile
the Oneidas left their habitations in the last war & abode took
Refuge at Schanectady, they proposed to contract with them for
a settlement among them, they refused selling their Lands to them
but gave it them as before mentioned, they then their Acts
of benevolence in this way has extended to other tribes of their brethren, as
the Brothertowns, the remaining branches of several nations
collectedly and seated in the same manner, which in their settlement
is distinguished by the Brothertown Settlement also the Tuscaroras
are settled in the same manner, they have not any granted them by covenant this makes them uneasy Stockbridges town or settlement
is about the middle of their lands one way, resembling a Village
near a considerable Stream of water on which they have
erected their Saw mill, at the Tale of the Saw mill they have p
propose erecting their a Grist mill, the saw mill has been
sometime disabledand yet remains in an unfit situation to
do any service for them, the Dam having a breach thereinin it
they appear to be concerned about it and had proposed this day
tomorrow to mend the breach, the missionary inform'd us
there was two of their men had learnt to saw very well & by
the appearance of the boards that was cut at the mill it appear'd
they understood the business very well, their houses are built
with round logs as high as the Square, & roof'd principally with the
Bass tree Bark which with a little frames makes a tight
roof and will last for several years, but since they have their
saw mill at worktheir Ideas as to houses seems to be a little
exalted that they are preparing for Squar'd log houses of Shingle Roofs
Hendrick Aupaumet said he raised a hundred bushel of
Wheat last year & had sold 50 Bushels of Indian Corn